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Bow Box FAQ’s


Welcome to Bow Box

Here we will try to answer all of your questions regarding our popular bow making subscription box service. 

If you do not find the answer you need, then please feel free to get in touch for further information but some of our most popular questions have been tackled below.. 


What can I expect to receive in my monthly boxes ?

We call it the 4 by 4 because every month you get a minimum of 4 new a4 fabrics and 4 new a5 sheets. All on trend and unreleased products plus a free small gift.

Inside the box could contain anything from glitter fabric sheets to leatherettes, luxurious fabric Felt materials to pretty embellishments, transfers, useful tools.
Each month comes with a theme, just to give you a little hint on what you might expect to receive.
We usually drop the theme early on the morning of Bow Box Release or the day before but look out for subtle clues on our countdown to Bow Box posts.

 What we guarantee from our box is that we will never send you a product you have had previously and we will only ever send new and unreleased products this is where we create value. Our box is about high quality and new products.

Each box contains a free gift every month and you will always be the first of our customers to receive this. 
This could be either a clip, a resin, a charm, bow template or novelty shape or other embroidered items such as Felties. The possibilities are endless..

Most importantly our box was created to help you think outside the box and inspire your creations whilst also giving you extra value for your money and giving you brand new products before they hit our shelves. 
We don’t release the items from the box until at least two weeks after the release, this gives you a massive head start on your creations 😍🙌🏻

How much is it?

A month’s subscription of Bow-Box costs just £10 a month, plus standard £2.95 1st class p&p or if you opt to purchase the box as a one off purchase which gives you the option for 2nd class which is just £1.99.

We offer our subscriptions with no long term commitment and you can cancel anytime with our monthly roll over option. To do this you must make sure that you set up an account on our website using the same email you used to create your subscription. Doing this links up your subscription to your account and here you will be able to manage your subscription.

You can also choose to prepay more in advance for a 6 month or 12 month subscription period and here is where you can save money too - with a 6% discount for 6 months and 12% discount for 12 months. After this period it converts to a roll on subscription so if you do not wish to subscribe after this initial payment period - you must please remember to check the box correctly when signing up so that you will not be charged in advance again. We cannot be held responsible when this happens. Please read this carefully when signing up and choose how you wish to proceed after the advance period ends.


How do I pay? 

You can choose to pay for a one time purchase which will checkout the normal way either via Paypal, Shopify payments or Apple pay.

If you wish to make this a regular subscription month by month then you will use stripe payments which currently only accepts card payments. You can log in anytime and manage your subscriptions by creating an account on our site.

How do I change my address or payment details?

Firstly to be able to manage your subscription, you must create an account on our website using the same email that is linked to your subscription. You can do this at any point in the process it doesn’t need to be when you first set it up. 
Once you’ve created the account you’ll be able to click on ‘manage my subscription’ on the left hand side usually and this will open up your subscription details. This is where you will edit or change your address or payment card details. 
The website account and the subscription account are 2 different accounts so you most change your address on both the account and the subscription.

We have no access to address or payment details and will not be held accountable should you not update your address details accordingly. 
If you are able to do this, we recommend cancelling the subscription and creating a new one. Details on how to cancel are below.

If payment details are not updated your subscription may be cancelled after 10 days. If it fails during the 10 days you can still update your card details and it will go through the next working day.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes with our monthly subscription service you can just log in to your account and cancel your subscription at anytime. With the 6 months & 12 months plan you can choose to end your subscription after the 6 or 12 month period has finished by choosing to opt out at the end of it and not renew.

If you forgot to set up an account when you signed up, no problem at all just set up an account now with the email you provided for your subscription originally and once you have registered it will automatically add the subscription to your account. So Simple..

You can also pause your subscription If you want to take a break and return at a later date. There is also the option to skip a month so if you see the theme and think you won’t be able to work with that just head to your account click skip and wait until next month for your new box 🙌🏻

Please remember that when you set up a recurring subscription this is a monthly charge and so if you don’t not cancel this it will continue to recur until you do so. The subscription can only be cancelled via your account so you must set up an account with the same email in order to fully manage your subscription.

When will I get my box?

This all depends on the date that you signed up.

Subscriptions roll through on the 1st of every month from approx 11:30am onwards. 

If you are a subscriber your box is always posted first above non subscribers this is our commitment to you for subscribing to our brand.

We begin posting subscription boxes from the 20th of the month onwards, and non subscribers boxes just a few days later. This is a guideline as due to the high volume of boxes we receive, we try to dispatch as many as we can at a time to make the surprise more enjoyable for everyone.

Bow Boxes are dispatched in order of subscribers boxes which go first, after this we start to work through boxes from 9am onwards. If you order other items with your order, please expect a small delay on your order being dispatched as these need extra time to be processed especially fabric felts, transfers, personalised items and felties, which are all made & crafted in our store and these items have a longer turnaround time.

If you purchase the box later in the month you will likely receive your first Bow-Box within 2-5 working days from the day you ordered.

 During Bow Box week you should expect a delay on all orders by a few days longer than our normal day turnaround. We appreciate your patience during this busy time and so we ask that you wait at least a week after before chasing up your order- if you haven't received a dispatch email yet.

All boxes are sent 1st class recorded delivery unless you choose to receive 2nd class. Please allow longer for international deliveries.

After the initial purchase your next box will be dispatched within the first/second week of every month unless clearly stated on our website.
Bow box day for enrolment and payment is always the 1st of every month from 9am, this never changes so you can always rely on your Bow Box for consistency.

Please note that payment day and dispatch day are not the same as stated above.

Dispatch day is always announced on our social pages so if you follow us on social media 


you will receive more regular updates on dispatch times. 

If I don’t get a box straightaway will I be able to purchase the box later in the month?

Ususlly yes, we try every month to accommodate all box requests up until atleast the 20th of every month. Quite often we may have a theme or a super popular item and whilst every month we always order for the demand, we cannot always predict how quickly they will sell out so please also bare this in mind.

Since we launched back in June 2017, our Bow boxes have grown in popularity and demand and we always try to keep up with the demand every month but occasionally we won’t always be able to keep stock of Boxes until the end of the month.  

Can I return my box?

Unfortunately due to the nature of this product as they are made to order, these items are non returnable. This does not affect your statutory rights should an item be faulty.





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