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Our felt is the 'designer' choice of felt of them all- it consists of the perfect blend of 35% merino wool blended with 65% rayon.
Our felt is the only Felt you will ever need for your projects- it is strong, thick and resistant to pilling. The range comes in a vast array of vibrant colours to choose from with more colours coming soon.
Our Felt is a perfect partner for all your projects because of its blend with Rayon. Rayon is a natural material but with exactly the same feel & strength of 100% wool, it's super soft but super strong, making this the only Felt choice you will ever need. Personally this is the only Felt I will ever recommended using. 

 This felt is the number one selling felt in the US. It doesn’t pill or stretch when you are using it because of it's mix of wool with rayon.

All of the colours are consistent from every bolt and they can be dry cleaned.

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