Hey I'm Charlotte, the passionate owner of Eliza Henri ! 🌟 Ever wondered how our fabulous shop came to life?

Well, it's all thanks to our dynamic duo - me and my amazing husband, Alex! We're a husband and wife Dream Team, (playful bickering included!) 😄

Starting with hand-painted bags, we've grown into a crafty powerhouse! Along the way, we've celebrated some fantastic wins with #SBS & #WOW awards, fueling our determination to reach new heights! Learning is our secret to success - I've honed my skills with courses in Business Management and Leadership.

Our motto? Leave everything better than we found it!  💖  So, let's craft something extraordinary together!

Join us on this sparkly journey of creativity & inspiration at Eliza Henri Craft Supply!

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Our mission is simple but oh-so-sparkly! 🌟
We want to inspire the world to unleash their creative flair, with a little added sparkle, of course!

Our goal is to help you discover your true creative potential by offering a fantastic range of unique, fun, and high quality craft supplies. ..But that's not all - we're all about building a supportive community too!

Crafting isn't just about making pretty things; it's a magical way to boost your physical and mental well-being! 💆‍♀️💖

It combats stress, relaxes your body and mind, and brings people together, breaking the barriers of loneliness.

When you join us, you'll not only find fantastic products but also a tribe of like-minded crafters who inspire, support, and become friends. 🤗✨

We take pride in impacting lives positively and promoting the importance of well-being worldwide.

So, let's embark on this creative journey together, connecting from every corner of the world, and share our love for crafting!

 🌍🧵 Join our sparkly community today!


At EH, we're all about the best for you! We handpick the trendiest and most innovative premium craft products out there, backed up with the best customer service. Crafting with EH materials means you're getting the real deal—only the finest supplies for your amazing creations!


  • High Quality, Premium Products EVERYTIME
  • Safe & friendly community offering value & support
  • The Best Customer Service EVER!
  • Infinite Fabric Supply on demand, when you need it
  • Fast Service wherever & whenever possible

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